History belongs to everyone.

For over 30 years, quarterly print journal TEXAS CACHE has been documenting prehistoric relics from Texas (and sometimes beyond her present borders), their makers, and those who recover, collect, and appreciate them today. After all, people have been living in what is now Texas for thousands of years! Can you blame them? Examining and admiring the items they left behind is a way to honor and learn about the earliest inhabitants. Texas Cache aims to capture stories and images of antiquarian information that is disappearing under our feet as developments are bulldozed, or when an old-timer's lifelong collection of relics -and the memories & wealth of knowledge attached to them- fade away to estate sales, attics, flea markets, and parts unknown.

A family-friendly magazine for everyone, TC features artifacts and commentary sourced from readers like you. Within the pages you will find historical accounts, stories, photos, and artwork from avocational artifact enthusiasts and hobbyist collectors-both young and old- as well as professional and academic archaeological discoveries. Texas Cache wants to hear from you too! See below for how to submit potential content.


TC seeks to pursue and uphold the following goals and standards:

Reverence for Texas and her early inhabitants from all walks of life

Shine a light on the unique and extraordinary artifact discoveries of avocational and hobbyist collectors that might be overlooked by scientific, academic, or corporate publications

Expand knowledge and appreciation of ancient cultures for everyone, objectively, without historical revision or inserting contemporary politics

Teach kids an appreciation of the past and foster a fun, accessible, and interesting hands-on approach to history

Bridge the social and ideological gaps between archaeology academics/professionals & avocational collectors

Encourage responsible, legal, and ethical artifact recovery and collecting pursuits

Respect contributors' desired level of disclosure whether acknowledgement or anonymity is sought--TC will never divulge personal or locational info or anything wished to remain confidential

Encourage and provide resources for everyone to document and preserve their finds

Add to the written record by use of mind, pen, and camera and not with the use of AI

Highlight the fun and joys of artifact discovery and bring people together in a positive way!


Many people have contributed to Texas Cache over the years. Please share the content on this site widely with full credit to the author/photographer and Texas Cache Magazine. Texas Cache has never published anything geterated by Artificial Intelligence.

WANT TO SUBMIT AN ARTICLE OR PHOTO? TC welcomes submissions from subscribers and readers like you. If you have a great story, a person of interest, a photo of your find, or a collection you would like to be considered for publication, please contact the editor using the info below. Article submissions must not have been submitted to any other publication.

Texas Cache Magazine publishes images and stories in good faith of contributors' honesty and assurance of prehistoric authenticity (unless stated as such) and of legal means of acquiring artifacts. Importantly, this includes a zero-tolerance policy of any desecration of human burial sites or any illegal activity. Any content found to be associated with the looting of graves, anything illegally obtained, staged, hoaxed, or otherwise deemed harmful or unethical by TC will not be published. Published content that is later found to fit any of these undesirable criteria will be retracted.


Texas Cache Magazine was started in 1994 by Bob McWilliams, founder of the Texas Amateur Archaeological Association. He chose the name because the entirety of Texas is really just one big cache of artifacts. In the beginning, Bob would piece the newspaper issues together with a typewriter and by cutting & pasting (by hand)! The original TC logo was designed by Kevin Coleman.

Patricia Even published the magazine from 2003-2023, serving as dedicated and intrepid traveling editor for twenty years. Pat, a former history teacher, and her husband Harold "Buzz" Even are known all over the state and have made Texas Cache a fixture among artifact enthusiasts for many years. If you are a Texas collector, chances are you may even have some points in a rustic wood frame hand-made by Buzz!

Pat retired from publishing the magazine in 2023 to be followed by avocational enthusiast Ryan Murray. By his own accord: "I am grateful and humbled to carry on Texas Cache. I am not an expert, but am always working on bringing content TC readers enjoy."  Please direct all queries, subscription questions, advertising inquiries, compliment or criticism to Ryan using the contact information below.



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