Congratulations, you have found the Texas Cache Easter Egg page! Read on to claim your reward.

In the Spring 2024 Texas Cache Magazine issue Vol. 27 #2 (pictured) you will see a series of small hand icons forming Universal Indian Sign Language (USIL) words throughout the magazine. Below you will find the USIL book to transcribe the sign language in the magazine and win a prize.

How to play:

1) Start on page 1 of the magazine and look for the small images of hand signs. Go in the order that they appear through last page of the issue, using the PDF file below to transcribe the hidden message. The USIL figures will spell out a six-word sentence. (HINT: it refers to a major Texas event in 2024!)

2) Click on the image of the book below and a PDF file will open and you can scroll through the pages to see the meanings of the hand signs.

3) Email the six word sentence to along with your preferred mailing address. If you are a paying subscriber, include your T-shirt size (S,M,L,XL,2XL)

All those with the correct answer will win 2 back issues of the magazine sent to their mailbox!

(Don't worry, it's not an Ovaltine commercial!)

(A note about the book): USIL was compiled by William Tomkins in 1926 and is now available online under Fair Use, published here as a scanned copy of an original paper copy of the book owned by the editor of Texas Cache.

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